Financial Policy (effective  08/22/2022)

     This office will no longer participate in any  insurance plans effective 8/22/2022. We will continue to file claims on your behalf and provide requested documentation for claims processing.


Your financial responsibilities on the date services are rendered are as follows:

     1. If you have no dental insurance–Full payment is required on the date of  service. 

     2.  If you have Delta Dental insurance–Full payment required on date of service.

     3.  If you have dental insurance:

           a.  All charges of $500 or less are payable on the date of service. 

           b.  If general anesthesia is requested, a $1000 deposit is required on the    date of service.


  We will require a valid credit card at registration. This information will be encrypted at the highest level, well beyond Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Any outstanding balances after 90 (ninety) days will be charged to the card, unless prior arrangements have been made.

     We urge you to take an active role in following up with your insurance company to ensure timely claims processing. Any unpaid balances after 90 days may be turned over for collection.  You will be responsible for the additional 33.3% collection agency surcharge.